You may notice some changes to your Prepear Free experience. 

Here’s what’s new:

Free users now have access to cool features that were previously only available to Gold members, like Prepear Mode, and Recipe Reminders.

Recipes you’ve already imported from the web will look the same as ever. But the recipes you import from now on will look a little different. You’ll see ingredients at the top of your screen (you can check them off now!) and directions at the bottom of your screen, through a window to the site where the recipe originated. Your ability to create meal plans and grocery lists with imported recipes won’t change a bit. To respect recipe authors, imported recipes can’t be edited. But you can mark any changes you wish in the Recipe Note section.

The new format lets us support the bloggers whose great content appears on Prepear. This means more recipes for you, because more Pros are getting excited about sharing their recipes in Prepear.

Now, here’s how to cook with the new Prepear Mode recipe interface. 

  1. Open a recipe, and click “See the Directions.” A window will open in the bottom half of your screen, linking directly to the recipe’s original website. 
  2. Customize your viewing experience with the slider bar to see more or less of the ingredients and directions. 
  3. Now try flipping your device to landscape mode. The ingredients and directions look great side by side.

If you’re a Prepear Gold subscriber, the directions will appear in all your recipes automatically, in an ad-free format. You’ll be able to check off steps as you cook, just like before. If you're not yet a Prepear Gold subscriber, you can always start a free trial here.

I hope this answers your questions about the latest interface for imported recipes. Please reach out if you have any more questions. And thanks for cooking with us!

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