Any recipe you love on paper can be added to your Prepear Cookbook in just a few steps.

First, open the app and tap the “Add a recipe” bar at the top of the screen.

Choose the top option, “Add Your Own Recipe,” and you’ll arrive on the recipe creation page.

If you have a picture to upload, tap the photo field to access your camera roll, and select a picture.

Press done, then fill in the text fields.

Start by typing in the name of your recipe. Then type in the ingredients, line by line. Press “return” to begin a new line, and a new ingredient.

If you have more than one group of ingredients in a recipe-- for example, ingredients for a sauce that you want to keep separate-- tap the field that says “Separate these ingredients into groups.” You’ll have the option to name your ingredient groups.

Next, type in your directions. Tap each numbered field to create a new direction. 

If you need to, use the field called “Separate these directions into groups,” just like you did for the ingredients, above.

The “Notes” section is an optional space for you to include cooking tips or other thoughts that only you’ll be able to see. 

Next, select the course type for your recipe. You can select more than one course, if you like.

Add hashtags, optionally. Then select information about serving sizes and prep times. Tap each field to see a rolling display of serving sizes and times to choose from. Make sure you tap the blue “select button” to record each value.

Lastly, review your Privacy options for your recipe. Most users decide to keep their recipe setting public, so other home cooks can enjoy their recipes.

All done? Tap “Save” in the top right corner of your screen, and your recipe will be added to your Cookbook.

You can always come back to it later to add a new photo, or edit your recipe.

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