Your Grocery List is designed for an uncluttered shopping experience. The items you already checked off, as well as your Pantry items, are kept hidden from the main list.

But, you can still take a peek at either of these groups of ingredients, using the two buttons at the top left corner of your Grocery List.

Tap the “Check” button to add your checked-off items back to your list. Notice how the check mark is still there, showing you that the ingredient is probably already in your cart.

You can remove the check mark from any item, if you like.

Tap the “Check” button again to re-hide the checked items.

Now let’s look at your Pantry.

When you tap the Pantry icon at the top of your list, you’ll see a new category spring up at the top of your Grocery List, called “In My Pantry.”

If you see a Pantry item you need to shop for, just swipe right on the ingredient to uncover an option for adding it back to your Grocery List.

When you’re done looking at your Pantry items, tap the icon again to hide them from your main list.

Happy shopping!

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