Creating a Grocery List in Prepear takes just seconds to do, and it makes getting your food for the week efficient and fun.

To start, make sure you’ve added a few recipes to your Meal Planner. Then tap the Grocery List icon at the bottom of your screen.

Create a list that matches the recipes in your meal plan by tapping “Create My Grocery List”

Select as many recipes as you’d like to shop for.

You can also check the boxes on the right-hand side of your screen to shop for entire days at a time.

When you’re done selecting recipes, tap “Next” in the top right corner.

Pantry staples are hidden from your Grocery List automatically. But just in case you need to restock, we’ll show you this screen next, where you have a chance to add Pantry items back to your list.

Tap “Next,” and there’s your list! Type in any extra items you need with the “Quick Add” bar.

See how your list is organized by category? To move an ingredient to a new category, swipe right on the ingredient, tap “Change Category,” and make a selection from the given list.

You can also use the Category screen to change the order your categories appear on your list. Just tap “Organize” in the top right, and drag the categories into the order you like.

You’re almost ready to shop. Scan your ingredients, and tap any ingredient name to edit it, or type in a shopping hint for yourself--like your favorite brand.

Now you’re ready to head to the store.

Tap to check off items as you shop, and we’ll clear them from your list. Take a peek at checked-off items by tapping the “check” icon in the upper left.

You can glance at any recipe associated with an ingredient by tapping the down arrows beside each item on your list.

If you come across a Pantry staple on your list, swipe right on the ingredient to uncover a button that sends the ingredient into your Pantry. This tells Prepear that you don’t need that ingredient on future lists.

To peek at the Pantry items we left off your list, tap the “Pantry” icon at the top left of your screen.

If you need to start over for any reason, you’ll find a few ways to do it through the “Clear” button at the top right of your list.

Otherwise, shop until your list is completely checked off. Congrats, you’re done! And ready for a week of home-cooked food.

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