Even when you’re cooking a plan created by one of our Pro Meal Planners, you’re free to customize your week to match your tastes and lifestyle.

Here’s how to make your meal plan subscription your own.

Once your recipes are loaded into your planner for the week, glance over your plan, and decide what you’d like to customize.

Swipe right on any recipe to uncover options for rescheduling or removing a recipe.

Tapping “Move to Day” opens a new screen; just tap the day you want to cook the recipe, and choose which meal you'll be cooking it for.

Whether or not there’s a blank day in your meal plan subscription, you can always add your own recipes to a subscription meal plan. Just tap the “plus” icon next to the date, or the “Add a Recipe” field on unplanned days, and choose a recipe from your own Cookbook. 

Once your meal plan is customized, you’re ready to shop for and cook it as usual. Enjoy!

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